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Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks or above counter sinks have become very popular and can add a very distinctive look to a bathroom. You will find them available in glass, marble, hammered bronze, copper, stainless steel and china. These bath sinks also come in a variety of shapes that are basic such as square, round and rectangular. There are also shapes that are more diverse and lend an artistic look. They can appear very masculine and rustic, or very refined and stately, the choice is nearly endless

They are available in etched glass, painted designs, scalloped edges, wood looks and even one that looks like a soccer ball. Something for every taste. They can be mounted on a counter top or added to a contemporary console or dropped into a free standing unit with a wrought iron or bronze finish.

With such a wide diversity in shapes, materials and colors, an above counter sink may require some time in the final selection, but their stunning and individual look can be worth the investment. The type of faucet selected to pair with it will further the uniqueness.

glass vessel sink   Old World Bronze Vessel  Honey Onyx Stone Vessel
Glass Vessel Sinks  Vessel Sink Materials  Vessel Sink Shapes 


While this style of bath sink definitely adds a distinctive look to a bathroom, the price can vary from very modest to  the higher end depending on what you select. Some require a wall installation for faucets.

Another consideration, is cleaning time. Flat smooth surfaces are easier and quicker to clean. Above the counter sinks have more surface to clean since nearly all of the underside is exposed, and they have more contours than a traditional in-the-vanity type sink.

Think of the needs of the members of your household. Do you want to spend the extra time needed to clean this type of sink? If you have small children the height could also pose a problem.

Vessel sinks, like pedestal sinks may be more fitting in a powder room, master suite,  or guest bath. They certainly add a real point of interest in a bathroom.



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