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Wood-Look Resilient Plank Vinyl Flooring

The building industry has finally listened to the needs and wants of homeowners and brought out vinyl plank flooring, a resilient vinyl that gives the look of a wood floor. This is a real bonus for homeowners who desire hardwood flooring in their bath, but fear the damage and upkeep that a moist area like a bathroom would create.

Composition of plank vinyl

Vinyl planks are composed of an upper layer with a pattern, either tile or wood. The under layer is vinyl. This flooring is easy care just like other vinyl products and will withstand water, making it perfect for bathrooms and basements. That doesn't mean it isn't also a good fit for the major living area as well.
In busy households with pets and children this can be a real blessing. I am very enthusiastic as you can probably tell. I desired wood flooring in my living area, but since I have two older dogs which often must remain indoors for many hours, it was out of the question. We live in a desert region where days can be very hot and pets can only be out for a limited time. Since aging pets sometimes lack holding power, this was a problem. And resilient vinyl plank flooring provided an answer.
My spouse and I installed this flooring ourselves, and found it very easy and relatively quick. It has now been down for a year and a half, and it is working well for us. It look great, and is very easy to maintain, and we don't have to worry about spills or 'accidents' spoiling it.

Vinyl plank flooring an easy install

This flooring is an easy install as a DIY project for homeowners who wish to cut their remodeling cost and do the job themselves. Planks come in up to 48" lengths and are very flexible and easy to cut. They have an adhesive edge that bonds each plank to it's adjoining plank. The floor floats like a laminate floor.
Vinyl wood flooring planks create a floor that is warm and quiet to walk on. Selecting plank vinyl flooring with texture further emulates the look of natural hardwood.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants hardwood, but has any of the issues covered in this article. You will have a floor that is confortable to stand on, quiet, easy care, and very good looking. 

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